About Us

     Akpolimer Akrilik Levha San. Tic.Ltd.Şti Be the first to produce cast acrylic sheet  Cevizli'deki plant became operational in 1995.


     Maltepe facilities offered its customers quality products for many years and the 2013 / since March, today's technology, successful history with modern design and facilities continue to produce Dilovasi.


     In order to achieve the production of high-quality products are inspected carefully the time to delivery, and raw materials used in manufacturing products are tested by independent laboratories and offered to our customers as well as our own laboratories.


     Akpolimer Acrylic Sheet company, customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach has become one of the major suppliers in the sector.


     Quality for reasonable prices, service, and maintain mutual confidence in the existing domestic and overseas with the concept of customer-oriented service to all our customers and suppliers, long-term cooperation and good service, we aim to take a step further.

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